We’ve Been There…And Still Are

We’ve Been There…And Still Are

You know what is so hard to believe? That 2020 is still making its presence. We all took that deep sigh of relief when the ball dropped into 2021 and even into 2022. “We are finally set free from 2020!” was on repeat for the last two New Years. Before we can even try and understand why life is still a struggle bus for us, we start to wonder, “Is it just me? It can’t be this hard for everyone.” Let me tell you something…it is definitely not just you!

We have Sleepless Nights too

Outside of every picture is a story that we don’t want to tell. We want to continue to recover and move on from so many things that we have gone through. “When are we going to catch a break, Universe?” Seriously Universe, when? We get it. 2020 was a bully, 2021 was the follower and 2022 is trying to establish its own identity. As are we. Through the good, bad and ugly it’s so common to think that no one wants to help, listen, guide or even be that phone call away. So why would buying a house or refinancing even be in the back of your mind? It’s understandable, but with us it’s different. We aren’t here to show off any ounce of perfection in our lives because frankly, there is none. We have hiccups, bumps in the road, pull our hair out days, and sleepless nights, too. Life happens to all of us.

We are all Mothers just doing our Best

We are three different moms from three different walks of life. Single mom, military mom and wife and a mom to a blended family. Each of our stories are raw, real and at the end of the day, purely and organically us. Our kids have bad days which cause us to spiral, our husbands drive us crazy some days and no matter how hard we try, the house is never clean for more than a day and that dinner we were so excited to make was burnt to a crisp.

Behind every one of us is a woman who simply gives her all at work, home and everywhere else in between. Most of the time, we are giving the rest of us to our families, instead of the best and with that comes the overwhelming amount of guilt. “How can I be 110% everywhere I go and to everyone I am with?” is constantly a question rolling round in our heads. And that’s okay. Perfection and constantly being 110% doesn’t exists.

Just like being the perfect mom, the perfect wife or even the perfect you. The impact of Covid seems to be that family member that turned their long weekend stay into a permanent roommate situation. The hard times that come with that can be unbearable. The cost of gas, food, clothes, etc. are through the roof and with our new roommate called Covid Impact making itself comfy on our couches, we can’t seem to even begin to budget. Between that and personal struggles, it can make homeownership a wish that is meant to stay in the clouds instead of down here in reality.

We Get it, because We’re Living it too

We want you to know that we completely get it because we are living it, too. We want you to know that you aren’t alone. You can accomplish your goal of homeownership and if refinancing is in your heart, that can be accomplished, too. We want to guide you and give you the advice you are needing. We don’t want to be that lender that you can’t even be yourself with. We want to know your “Why” and help make that all come true.

It’s not just a Loan, it’s a Purpose

With every family that walks through our doors or gives us a call, we know that this isn’t just a loan. This is a start of a new adventure and to some, a start at a new life. And we want to be apart of it. We want to be able to get our borrowers to that amazing Funding day so they can take that deep sigh of relief, knowing that the house is all theirs.

Whether it is a purchase of a refinance. It’s a journey for all and we want to be along for the ride. We are family here and at the end of the day, you are our family as well. Let us help make homeownership a dream come true for you. We are on this journey together. Always.

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