It’s Never the Perfect Time, But is it the Right Time?

It’s Never the Perfect Time, But is it the Right Time?

I think right now, everyone is scared. I get it, it’s human nature. When we can’t see the next step in front of us, most of us proceed with caution. But sometimes instincts can fool us, and I’m here today with almost 20 years of experience (eek!) in the lending industry, to debunk some of the common misconceptions I’ve been hearing. Follow along with me if you want to learn more about today’s market and how you can stay ahead of the curve.

Myth #1: Wait on Buying right Now

Yikes! What a crazy concept. But I can’t tell you how many times I hear some sort of version of this phrase every day (and cringe every time.) Not only should you walk briskly by this idea of “waiting” but it will honestly do you a disservice if you allow your fears to dictate your desire to own a home.

I know it may sound counterproductive, but let’s take a moment and consider a similar concept: the stock market. When you’re invested and your stocks decline, the first instinct is to pull your assets out, hoard your money and close your eyes until the market starts to flourish again. But this impulsive knee-jerk reaction is not ideal for your longterm investments. In fact, you’ll likely lose money in the long run.

The same goes for real estate – if you react to every little ebb and flow in the market, you may be headed down a very rocky and windy path. Instead of holding back in fear, if you’re interested in owning your own home and breaking free from the bondage of rent, and constantly being indebted to your landlord, then NOW is still the perfect time to own a home!

Myth #2: Oh Me oh My, Interest Rates are too High to Buy

Yes we’ve seen interest rates conservatively go up 3% since the beginning of this year. But when we zoom out and take a look at the big picture, historically this is exactly where we should be sitting and historically the rates are still low.

Even though we’ve all been frazzled by the recent life-changing events of the pandemic, our society as a whole is quite resilient, and our collective tenacity just shows how much we prevail and come out even stronger after hardships. Don’t worry about RIGHT NOW, and don’t listen to Google. Any physician will tell you to stay off the internet and NEVER try to self-diagnose. In the same way, it’s better to trust your mortgage lender (as long as you find a good one) rather than a click-bait article online or a friend with limited knowledge and experience in the housing industry. If you are still on the hunt for a loyal lender, give us a call! Leave the truth to the experts, relax and don’t get sucked into fear mongering or hype regarding the sky falling (we promise you…it isn’t).

Myth #3: Summer is the Hot Season for Real Estate

Everyone thinks summer is the hot season, but in actuality, it’s really not. In my 20 years of experience and education that extends beyond the years, I’ve seen that there’s actually a lull in summer months. We saw this even before COVID, the past two years don’t really count. From the end of school, to 4th of July. People are taking vacation, traveling, hosting graduation parties, and focused on post-season baseball. (I see you All-Star families!) The focus is not really on real estate. The last thing people want is to be packing a house and moving during longer, warmer nights when they have so much else going on.

So with that being said, sellers get a little scared. But what does that mean for buyers? Ding, ding ding! You guessed it. Buyers have more opportunity. Sellers are having to pay closing costs again and buy down interest rates…this is a WIN!! It’s my desire to help buyers understand that this market will continue to change and have highs and lows, and ebbs and flows. But as their lender, I’m not operating out of fear. I’m operating out of confidence with the thousands of successful transactions I have under my belt. It’s about finding windows of opportunity and taking advantage. It’s my passion to find what will work for you, unlock the door to your happiness, and then stand by your side through the entire process til we get to the end!

In closing…

With all that being said, my final thoughts can be summarized with this phrase:

Rates will always adjust and change. Yes they’re higher, but will that change? YES it will. What comes up will come down, and there’s a good chance our market will see the low 4’s again in the near future (saying all the prayers.)

And please, don’t waste your money on rent. You’re investing either in yourself, or your landlord – which will it be?

I know we were all beat up and broken down over the last two years. Instead of just shutting everything off and thinking it’s never going to happen for you, I promise, there’s so many opportunities on the horizon.

My question to you is: Are you taking advantage of the market in the right way? Are you working with the right team who will look at the big picture for you and consider your needs? It’s no wonder one of our clients just messaged us: “this is some of the best advice I’ve ever heard.” At the end of the day, The Piccinini Team is here to help you get a win. We can never predict the future, but historically there’s never a perfect moment to time the market. So why not now, when you have a stellar all-woman team ready to back you up every step of the way?

Call us now to learn more about our services or get a head start and apply now!

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