Client Claims The Piccinini Team is the “Neiman Marcus of Lenders”

“I just received a letter from the Piccinini Team that says: “Congratulations, you’re approved to move!”

“I bought my first house. I’m trying not to cry. I’ve loved the house that I’ve lived in for 9 years a lot, but sometimes you have to start a new chapter and you have to bloom where you’re planted. My new house is beautiful.

I just have to thank the Piccinini Team because they were like the Neiman Marcus of lending companies.

The Piccinini Team treated me like family and answered all my questions.

I can’t begin to express how they worked together seamlessly and turned something that was honestly a pretty scary endeavor, purchasing a house for over half a million dollars, and eased all my concerns. I felt like all I had to do was decide on the right home and they made the rest so easy, relaxed and swift!” – says Edin C. // Piccinini Team Client, Reno NV


Michelle and her team and my realtor Crystal Northon were a rockstar duo!

“I had previously had a really bad experience with an esteemed lender who treated me like I was a nobody. Being in customer service myself, running my own agency, I was shocked by her unprofessional behavior and lack of communication.”

Do You Feel Ghosted?

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At The Piccinini Team, we’ve recently noticed how many people feel the same as Edin:



Treated with no respect

In our digital age, we’ve really lost the MAGIC of great customer service. Somehow it’s become so diluted and rare to find. That’s why we were thrilled to learn that Edin experienced the exact type of service we always promise and strive to deliver. We want our customers to feel comforted – like a warm and fuzzy feeling you get around safe and happy people who just get you.

We’re sad to hear horror stories of clients who have had to start the lending process 3 and 4 times over. Sometimes when they come to us, they feel battered and broken, and we just want to help them recover and regain confidence, and send them on their way to homeownership freedom!

“Michelle and Katie had me pre-approved in one day and kept in contact with me every day since. They’ve sent cards, lovely emails, packing stickers and a congratulatory letter that brought me to tears. They are the gold standard!

Thank you so much for making my experience of purchasing my new home something I’ll never forget, in the best way possible.”

Thank you for being our loyal client!

If you know someone who is in need of lending advice, please send them our way! Our team works hard to provide outstanding and authentic service. It’ll feel like home working with the Piccinini Team because we are composed of family and life-long friends. When you feel the synergy and hospitality that emanates from us, you’ll understand why you feel so welcomed! We LOVE working together, and we will make sure to treat you the same way.

Give us a call today to talk with one of us at The Piccinini Team (775) 285-6261 – we’re looking forward to learning more about you, your needs, and where you’re at in your journey of homeownership.

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