2nd Annual “End of Summer” Movie in the Park

Join us for a Fun Movie Night

First, we need to address the elephant in the room…

It’s that time again! Our 2nd annual Sayonara Summer Movie Night in the Park. But this year feels very different. Just last year we had the luxury of cozying up close to each other and not thinking twice. We didn’t think of sanitizing our hands every 2 seconds, or fear the person sitting just a few feet away from us.

This year, we’re faced with a new norm. What I like to call the “teeter totter effect.” The constant ups and downs, the chaos and changing of rules and mandates. I feel this as a parent and in my career. 

I just want to let you know, you’re not alone. For all the parents out there who feel like everywhere they turn it’s another unknown and problem that you can’t put words to – I want to let you know, I’m struggling with it too. As a working parent especially, we’re expected to juggle new roles we weren’t prepared for. The Bread Winner was already difficult enough, but now we’re: the Stay at Home Mom/Dad, the Teacher, CEO of Zoom meetings, the Parent, the Mentor – I mean how do you fit that in every day? It’s literally impossible!

I’m normally not the one to post on social media outlets, but I’m getting burnt out from being so quiet. I’ve been censoring myself to appease others and walking on eggshells in fear I may hurt someone’s feelings. But honestly, I’m so exhausted from the silence – I realize something needs to change. I may be operating but am I thriving?

In such a loud world right now, it’s time for me to find my voice. I’ve decided that although there are so many things to be scared of right now, we can not be directed by our fears. We can’t be so hyperfocused on the what ifs and potential scenarios. We won’t build a tolerance to anything if we’re constantly running scared.

With that being said, this year, our movie in the park means more to me than I ever thought it would. It stands for more than just an annual gathering. It stands for unity, and coming together in a time of craze to create a little bit of solace. We’ve been keeping our kids closed off and behind closed doors for so long – they deserve to get outside and feel like kids again. I want to feel like a parent again (and I’m sure you do too.)

Get the Details: When, Where and How!

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Take couple hours off from reality and watch a fan favorite….The Sandlot!

We will do everything possible to ensure cleanliness and accommodate everyone’s needs. Hand sanitizer will be available, blankets will be laid out 6 ft apart. Depending on comfortability level, feel free to bring your own snacks, but we’re excited to provide popcorn and movie theatre candy for everyone interested. We will individually wrap cookies and wear gloves for extra precaution. 

Interested in Attending?

Our second annual movie in the park is perfect because it encourages social distancing and still gives us as way to find normalcy amidst all the chaos. It’s our way of saying thank you and coming together. We are in this with you. Even if you want to call us to talk (or scream and vent) about life, The Piccinini Team is here to support you. The moment you trust our team with your transaction, you’re considered part of our family. 


Please RSVP by emailing us or responding on Facebook Events.

We can’t wait to see you!

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