Video Series Part 1: Congrats Nevada, You Don’t Suck!

Michelle Piccinini and Dan Armolea // Real Estate + Lender Video Series

Summary of Today’s Video:

#1 ~ It’s Not Michelle’s Birthday Anymore

Unfortunately, it’s not Michelle’s birthday month anymore, but…exciting news:

Michelle ended up giving away an epic amount of money in closing costs to her clients!

{Sorry, we can’t disclose the actual $$ but we promise you, it was more than a pretty penny}

Now that’s something to celebrate!! We LOVE helping our clients in these unique ways.

If you missed the birthday month promo, not to worry…you can still get pre-qualified with The Piccinini Team and get access to our top-notch customer care.

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#2 ~ Nevada Doesn’t Suck!

Nevada is notoriously given a bad rap (cough cough, have you seen the ridiculousness that is Reno 911?) Well, guess what? Our battle born state is making a come back ya’ll! Nevada was recently ranked Top 3 in job growth via the US Labor Dept. stats in the last 12 months. We’re ranked 3.21% in job growth! That’s because a lot of new industries are moving to Nevada including big names like Google and Tesla.

We’re really making a name for ourselves, Nevada!

Glen Co Co

#3 ~ Michelle Explains the WHY Behind What She Does

“I’ve been in the business for almost 14 years and I LOVE what I do.


But it’s not about me…

Honestly, I like to put myself in my client’s shoes. There’s a lot of moving parts when it comes to buying a home, selling a home, acquiring a new home, etc…it really comes down to the rewarding feeling I get when helping my clients get through the mortgage maze. If I can get them from point A to point B while providing utmost care along the way…that’s when my passion and purpose are fueled.

#4 ~ Why Go Home Shopping with Your Lender!

Prevent the unnecessary grief of losing your dream home (before ever getting it) by ensuring you’re qualified! Otherwise you may end up like the peeps who:

*go premature house hunting

*fall in love with a home

*can’t get it because they weren’t qualified beforehand!

Don’t let this sad day befall upon you. Call our team to get help ~ we’ve got your back!

We hope you enjoyed this fun little video in our new series! 

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