1% Down Program with The Piccinini Team

1% Down Program with The Piccinini Team

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{But really don’t, because we have some gossip-worthy stuff to say!}

Hi there! First of all, we want to thank you for taking the time to check out our blog. Our goal is provide valuable info {that doesn’t put you to sleep!}

There’s LOTS of articles available if you’re looking to educate yourself about the loan process, but what makes our team different, is that we carefully craft each post to address specific concerns of our clients. When our clients are informed and empowered, it makes it that much more rewarding to work together! Plus, we want you to feel cared for along the way, so we like to invite our clients into the process as much as they want to be part of it.

At The Piccinini Team, we take the time to ask questions {and answer them here on our blog! }

With that being said, if you have ANY burning questions you need answers to,

please comment below…or feel free to email us!

Now, time for today’s topic: The Incredible 1% Down Program!

#1) Let’s Talk About the Highlights…

Check out the benefits of the 1% Down Program:

purchase dream home

What does this mean in human terms? Let’s break it down:

Basically, this program allows for 97% financing and The Piccinini Team offers a 2% lender gift to qualified buyers providing you the opportunity to finance your home with minimal money down. In addition, the 1 % Program offers enhanced, affordable ending with low down payment options and flexible credit qualifying standards.

If you’re interested in purchasing your first home or refinancing the one you’re in…

If you already own your home, there’s benefits to remodeling to add ROI on your home.

LEARN MORE about the benefits of remodeling by downloading this freebie before you go!

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