More about JoAnna


When I purchased my first home, unfortunately I was not yet introduced to The Piccinini Team at that time. Instead, I worked with a lender who was very cold and unwelcoming. Now, in my position as Loan Officer Assistant, I’ve discovered how wonderful the experience should be.

Just like a new relationship, when you finally find your dream match, and everything flows with ease - that’s how it feels working with our team. There’s always someone there to answer your questions, and unlike my experience, when I was treated like a cog in a machine, you will be met with respect and have a personalized experience from start to finish. I love how nothing is just a copy and paste, unlike so many other loan companies. The Piccinini Team takes extra time to customize everything: from emails, texts, and phone calls just to check in and say “hello.” Working with the Piccinini Team means you become part of the family.

When the opportunity to join the team presented itself, you can imagine I was instantly ready to jump on board. I’m thankful to announce my position as Loan Officer Assistant at The Piccinini Team, serving people just like myself and helping them feel secure and confident during their journey to homeownership. People need to feel like they’re not alone in this experience and receive the love and care they deserve.

I admire so many people for so many different reasons, but I especially look up to my beautiful sister. She is my biggest supporter and someone I am so impressed with. She puts family first and has such a profound strength and ability to look at life so positively. I’m so grateful for her support and love and hope to impact people the same way she has me. She has been my rock and the one person who has never given up on me when everyone else did. She has taught me the true meaning of fighting for what you want, and she reminds me daily that I have what it takes to follow my dreams.