Hello, I’m Shayna!

Although I grew up traveling all around the world, I’m more of a small town girl – so it’s no surprise The Biggest Little City’s small town vibes have proven to be the perfect atmosphere for me to settle down with my hubby and our sweet little fur babies. From the snowy winters, to Hot August Nights and little trips to deep blue Tahoe, we are absolutely loving Northern Nevada.

Before landing in Reno and meeting my husband, I was an adventurer. Most of my traveling was due to a special cross country trip with my grandparents, my father’s career, and my competitive swimming career as a junior Olympian. (Yes, my sister and I started swimming at age four!) With all this exposure to different cultures and people, I am grateful for the way it has taught me to be accepting of others and respect our differences. This viewpoint is particularly helpful when working with clients, honoring their specific needs and desires, and helping them achieve what is most important to them.

“I always had a deep desire to help others and provide safety, justice and comfort for them. That passion has come to fruition in my careers in criminal justice, real estate, and now lending. Fighting for others and helping people achieve a different life is so important to me. I still carry that same value and desire for every one of my clients. Facilitating a safe and exciting process for my clients while they are searching for the home of their dreams is not only life giving for me, but also imperative and I won’t stop until I’ve done that.”


During my career in real estate, I was given the opportunity to work with many other people, one of those being Michelle and her exceptional team. The moment I met her, I was absolutely floored by her knowledge and ambition. Working together on a transaction gave me even a different level of respect — and it sparked something in me that I felt was missing. Now just a year later, we’ve reconnected completely organically through a mutual colleague, and after learning about how much she was growing, all the pieces fell into place for me to fill a much-needed spot as Head of Agent Relations on her team.

“When I first connected with Shayna, I knew that she was special. I had the privilege of working with her on a transaction and I was so impressed. She handled EVERYTHING, so when we reconnected, I felt like the stars were aligned. She is outgoing and organized — she sees the big picture and has a vision to help us grow. She’s like that spicy kick of hot sauce that makes you jump up out of your seat and reach for a glass of water. She really does bring an element of fervor and passion that motivates our team to the next level.” – Michelle Piccinini

• Managing team operations
• Coordinating and developing agent outreach and growth
• Catering to our clients and treating our agents to an exclusive experience
• Ensuring our clients experience the difference of working with the RIGHT team

I just adore my grandparents. They’ve been married for 68 years and are so happy together. They represent true love and commitment to me — seeing the way they honor each other, and others is such an inspiration. I’m also so grateful for my husband. We’ve been together for eleven years and married for four. We met in college in Arizona and love traveling, taking hiking trips and just relaxing at home. We do our best to live life to the fullest with the people (and pets) that we love every day and enjoy creating and making memories with intention.