More about Shayna


After many years of travel, my desire to pursue education led me to the University of Arizona, where I double majored in Criminology and Criminal Justice. I also learned to speak Spanish fluently which has opened new opportunities and conversations that I never would have experienced otherwise. (And also allows me to connect with and serve even more people in the lending industry!)

After college, I began my career in law enforcement and loved every moment of it. But unfortunately, I suffered a severe injury during a tragic car accident. My journey back to health was laden with 8 surgeries, a ton of physical therapy, and a completely different outlook on life. Although it felt tragic at the time, I’m grateful to be alive and see the world in even more brilliant color. I try treat every day as a gift and do my best to live out that special sentiment in everything I do. Faced with the reality that I could no longer work in criminal justice with my injury, I knew that I needed to change my career path. After some consideration, I decided to pursue my passion in real estate and began my recent position as the Director of Operations for a Real Estate Team in Reno. And now, working with the Piccinini Team as Michelle’s official Head of Agent Relations.

My husband and I just bought our first home last year, and let’s just say from start to finish it was anything but easy. Now that I am aware of what NOT to do as a lender, I am insistent to ensure an exceptional experience for our clients. It may be my background in criminal justice, but I feel like it’s my duty to protect our customers during the home buying process and make the journey to homeownership as exciting and peaceful as possible. I want our clients to feel the difference of how amazing it can be if you work with the right team.

“I’ve always had a passion to fight for justice and help people by giving them tools to live a different life. No matter who you are, what you’ve been through. I believe everyone should be treated with respect. I fight for the things and people I love and fight for our clients because there will be someone out there who doesn’t have someone fighting for them. And I want to be that person.”