More About Dee

Rewind to several years ago when I was absolutely set on finding the perfect Loan Officer to purchase my home. I was scouring the internet, asking friends and family, and eventually was introduced to the New American Funding Area Manager who helped me from start to finish. My transaction was seamless, empowering, eye opening and amazing. The feeling I had when unlocking the keys to our new home was indescribable. I still get the chills when I reminisce about opening the door to my new home. Little did I know - I also opened the door to my affinity for the art of lending. And that’s when I was introduced to Michelle and her team.

You may think it’s just a technical job, but when you pull back the curtain at The Piccinini Team, you’ll find a sense of magic with their organic and warm approach. Unlike other lenders or types of services that may feel like just another cold transaction in a pipeline, our clients will only feel warm and fuzzy vibes. Believe me - I’ve experienced it firsthand. Along with thousands of other residents in Nevada and across all the states (we’re licensed in 48!)

I love traveling! My goal this year is to travel abroad, but even if I make it to one of my favorite places - like Monterey, CA - I’ll be very happy! I love adventuring near the water (even though I can’t swim at all!).

I love spending time with my family and my kids and listening to music. From Spanish music and Tupac to the Beatles - my music taste reflects how I view life! I embrace all cultures and can find beauty in every person and their unique qualities. Working at the Piccinini Team is like working with my second family. And I want every client to feel that way too. It’s my goal to treat people like I’m working with my own family member. To hear their story, honor their dreams and desires and work diligently to make sure it comes to life.