Hey, I’m Katie

In other words, I’m like wonder woman when it comes to organizing, simplifying and streamlining the loan process to meet each of our clients’ needs.

From the moment my eyes meet mortgage paperwork to loan approval, I treat each transaction like a little love story.

I know how it feels to find a home you absolutely adore only to discover days later that the loan fell through. SO NOT COOL and definitely not the storyline I want to write for any of my clients. I’m all about happily ever afters.

That’s why I make sure to sprinkle extra care during every transaction as I coordinate and collaborate with my fellow team members. It’s not just a series of steps, it’s someone’s life and dreams that I have in my hands. I approach every transaction in light of this reality.

When I’m not masterfully managing loans, you can find me indulging in an Italian dish or visiting wine country for a little R&R. Because I believe that working my tail feathers off and indulging in “me” time can coexist as a perfect pair.

making a difference EVERY day. I do my best to take simple {yet purposeful} steps in the present, knowing that each moment matters for my future.

I am obsessed with the study of Sociology and cannot live without love – so don’t be surprised if you feel extra adored during the transaction process.