Hi, I’m Jami

I began my career in real estate in 1995 [time flies when you’re havin’ fun!] and spent over 14 years learning and growing as an Escrow Officer.

Since then, I’ve transitioned to manage our team and absolutely LOVE it!

In my position, it’s crucial to be detail oriented. I coordinate virtually every action of our office. From managing our entire team of savvy women, to expediting projects, coordinating social media campaigns, and working with our real estate partners, I’m the woman in charge of keeping the chaos contained.

Our team is passionate and fiery, but I’m always here to keep us cool, calm and under control. Overseeing every detail is how I’m able to ensure the smoothest transaction possible.

Well, maybe more like three things. I’m what movie producers would call, a triple threat – I’ve got experience in Escrow, Real Estate AND Mortgages. In addition to my experience in the escrow and loan industry, I have extensive background in the Real Estate world and got my license just to make my passion official.

More About Me:

  • I’m the first one to clean at a party. Might explain my uber organized desk in the office 😉
  • In love with family. What would life be without them?
  • Obsessed with organization and sunny beach getaways.
  • Passionate about watching my children succeed
  • An advocate for honesty and staying true to my word. Follow through is essential both personally and professionally.

Connecting with clients, spending time with family, and of course enjoying my favorite food, strawberries.